Thursday, September 18, 2008

Final School District Meeting Today...

We have one last attempt with the school district before we need to elevate everything to a formal 'complaint' and then a Due Process hearing. This district has been generally willing to help us with whatever we've requested (but then we've never really asked for a whole lot), but we seem to be at a sticking point on this one. We never reached this point with the other children because during Delaney and the (first part) of Emily's schooling, we had access to a fantastic AVT/Oral preschool run through public education (the Utah School For the Deaf and Blind). I understand that the option doesn't exist the way it used to at USDB as well, so I think we moved at a good time, potentially. And, when we moved here initially we asked the school district for assistance in continuing Em's AVT education but they wouldn't budge, so we funded it ourselves, rather than fight the fight.

The good news is Trey is flourishing this year. Two weeks into school, he has become so talkative, and his vocabulary is growing daily (if not hourly). This is what I've been waiting for...... Yes, it's a combination of what we do at home, as well as the fantastic educators he has surrounding him at school, but I don't want to change what we're doing and risk having him withdraw again. So instead, I prepare for endless meetings, and read/talk/investigate FAPE, and continue to analyze what we're *really* asking for, examining the request to see if we are asking for a decked out Cadillac vs. a dependable Ford (that the school district is offering) - their analogy, not mine. In my heart, I know we're requesting the only adequate option for Trey at the moment- be it a Ford, a Cadillac, etc. For the record, I'd probably call it a "Volvo" and very reliable- maybe a bit more expensive, but in the case of an educational foundation (unlike a car), necessary for some.

*As an aside- ironically enough, my husband and I both drive Fords and are quite happy w/ them.

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