Monday, September 29, 2008

I hate hospitals- I'd like to never see the inside of one again

Going on Day 5 (tomorrow), and I was SO hoping not to have to ever repeat long hospital stays (after Trey's mastoid adventure from last November). I left early tonight, after breaking the hospital bed (trying to lift it), telling my husband after his angiogram that he had a catheter when he didn't (yes....that really happened), and spilling some non-sterile liquids on his food tray. And those were the high points-LOL.

Actually today started as the best day since Friday, but Rob ended up w/ a fever (101...not too bad), which indicates potential infection, which postpones his final procedure before he can leave. Big bummer, but minor in the grand scheme of things. I also left because I just needed some love from the kids. It's so hard to be in a hospital all day- peeking into rooms full of concerned people, hanging out in waiting rooms w/ concerned, teary families, and being concerned and teary yourself. I just needed some kid hugs and normalcy. I got PLENTY....homework, school lunches, school picture forms, etc. I'll be back in the hospital game tomorrow, but tonight was much needed. Especially since we're looking at a Thursday/Friday release now.

Tomorrow I'll be right back in it, but tonight was wonderful. Back to fighting (I mean negotiating with) the school district tomorrow :)


leahlefler said...

OMG- I hadn't checked your blog in a little while. I hope your husband is released soon and everything gets back to normal! Talk about having a full plate!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are dealing with a TON right now. You sound good though, despite the stress that you're inevitably feeling. Just a few more days and he'll be home, I hope.

AVT Coach said...

I am so sorry about your husband's hospital stay. I hope there is a good recovery!