Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back To School TODAY!

Well, except for Trey, but that's o.k. 3 out of 4 isn't so bad :) I have taken the obligatory back to school pictures and I'll get them up in a bit. Everything went smoothly until I realized Delaney did not know her bus number and we had made no plan for getting home from school. Oops.....details, details. I'll be meeting her at the middle school for a ride home today :)

More details on first day excitement to follow....


Val said...

HAHA, you got caught, sending them off w/no return plan in place, pretty smooth(didn't work though).
At least you remembered their shots,even though that's what they wished you'd have forgotten. We moms get carried away with the "getting them in" we don't really worry too much about what happens next. haha

Loudest Mom said...

Yep....so much for operation "downsize" :) The worst part is that she ended up taking the bus, but I was waiting for her in front of the school. I wasn't too worried, but I was ready to kill my husband for lack of communication-LOL!