Monday, November 12, 2007

When it rains, It pours-

Not an original title, but an accurate one as I sit here at 4:54 am watching the rain pour down. I love to sleep- LOVE IT. So, why am I sitting here at 4:54 am? I'm listening to my youngest son whimper, as he clutches his ear and fights off his 101 degree fever. Yes, the dreaded ear infection is back. But, it's a bonus weekend, because my other poor son now has a stomach bug. And, unfortunately the bedding and mattress in our bedroom caught the brunt of it. My husband now resides on the family room couch, while I have stolen my daughter's bed (forcing the girls to share a room- seems fair to me.)

I'll have to share more regarding our 'family vacation' (a.k.a. another soccer tournament), tomorrow. Let's just say no family hotel stay is complete without a middle of the night fire alarm (and an oozy ear).

Anyone know how to clean a king size comforter in a not so king size washing machine?


Jennifer said...

I have no advice, only lots of sympathy...been there, done that! Bless your sweet heart!

Anonymous said...

I have no advice either, but I hope that your kiddos start feeling better soon. Poor little things!