Thursday, November 29, 2007

No more I.V.

I was sitting here, trying to think of a really creative way to say that, but sometimes the simple way is the right way. T is now 100% back to normal. He still has a small bandage, but the nurse came out today and removed his picc line. It's funny how quickly all the 'bad' stuff is put behind us at times. I guess what T had was serious, but somehow it ended up being a very small chapter in our life- something to remember and be thankful for, but fortunately, that's it. I wish the same for everyone else, knowing it can't always be the case, but hoping that the majority of us experience mainly 'bad' things that vanish quickly.

Now if I could just get rid of the sticky medical tape residue, we'd be in really good shape (sorry, just couldn't end on too sappy of a note, although the sentiment was very heartfelt).


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