Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pictures from our vacation....

a few weeks back (a.k.a. the soccer tournament in Seattle). With the exception of T (who you saw in the pictures below) a good time was had by all. I included the picture of my older daughter walking off the field w/ one of her teammates because it is always so refreshing to see how much fun the girls have- even when they have just lost the one game they needed to win to move on. They played their hearts out, and had a great time. (EDIT: I temporarily deleted this picture so I could edit my phone number off of my daughter's soccer ball- oops :) And, as you can see the younger siblings all manage to have fun at the games as well- a great mini-vacation!

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Mom to Toes said...

Your pictures are fantastic!

I am glad things are getting back to "normal".

I am also having trouble getting into the holidays this year for some reason.

Maybe I need to get out to the mall and stop with the online shopping!