Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My daughter talks a lot-

This is a good thing, right everyone? I mean, all those years of speech therapy, auditory verbal therapy, etc. have paid off! I told her speech teacher at the private, AVT focused, school she used to attend, and she was THRILLED to hear it- I cannot imagine for the life of my why this bothers her current teacher- HA! I am kidding, just for those who think I might be totally insane at this point.

I received a note in my 7 year old's school planner, saying "talks while teacher is talking". That is all I got. So, my 'mom' instincts kick in, and I'm trying to figure out if maybe she was already talking and didn't realize the teacher had started, or if she was just totally disregarding the teacher. We decided to have a talk w/ our child about the importance of listening, and being respectful to the teacher (A.K.A. Don't talk when the teacher is talking- You have a hard enough time hearing sweetheart). I informed the teacher, and heard nothing back....until last week. Again, just a note in the planner, and this time all it says is "talking".

I NEED MORE INFO! Is this wrong? Would you feel the same way? I guess we've just been spoiled w/ teachers prior to this who were really good communicators. Lots of notes back and forth- email messages, etc. Sigh........I guess it's only 6-7 more months until 'we' get a new teacher. Maybe one who appreciates how truly outstanding it is that my daughter who had very little speech until a couple of years ago, is such a GREAT talker- LOL!


Mom to Toes said...

I love this!

Don't you hate it when a teacher just doesn't seem to engage?

Anonymous said...

Good grief, that is absurd. I am a teacher and I'd sooner not show up to work than send home such sub-par communication!

Loudest Mom on the Block said...

Thank you for the comments- I'm feeling better about it today (after I sent a 'slightly' sarcastic, very lengthy email message to the teacher and explained that it is much easier to help her on these issues if I know what actually happened, rather than just "talked". I should have replied back- Great, we're so glad to hear she's participating in class- ha ha.