Monday, November 26, 2007

Before, During and After pictures...

'After' yet to be added.... The picture of T sleeping on my husband was taken two days before he went to the hospital. This child NEVER sits still at soccer games- he just felt that bad. And, the picture w/ the bandaged head was taken a day after the surgery to drain the infection. I love the picture because it is the same bandage he had when he got his CI, and my computer 'ate' those pictures :)

The 'after' shot will show a completely healthy and happy little boy, running around like crazy- Now I just need him to be still long enough to snap the picture.


Anonymous said...

So glad to read that he is finally on the mend! I'm sure everyone in your family is relieved, including and even especially the sibblings ;-)

We've got a group of people who go around town Christmas caroling in sign language, that's definitely going to get me in the spirit!

Loudest Mom on the Block said...

How fun! That would add to my Christmas spirit as well :)

Yes, the siblings are glad- although the bickering started about, oh, 5 minutes after Trey go home! But, at least that's back to 'normal' :)