Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My child is not a hypochondriac after all.....

At least not ALL of the time. E (my second child) has been a frequent visitor to the school nurse this year. I have no idea why, but Theresa (the Health Asst) and myself are now great friends. I've been told it's just a phase for some children, but it makes it hard to know when the 'sickie' is really sick. I tried telling her the story of the "Boy who Cried Wolf" but it really just made her start asking me about wolves and sheep, etc. This morning E got up, sobbing and clutching her ear. I, being the caring mom, assumed she was trying to cash in on some of the extra attention T has been getting due to his Mastoiditis.

While I was waffling on whether to coerce her into going to school or not, she mumbled something about her stomach, and then coughed up a lung. At that point I decided to visit our Pediatrician. THANK GOODNESS. Boy would I have been on the 'bad mom' list. She has an ear infection (both ears), but more importantly the Pediatrician said she sounded very wheezy- "Had you noticed?" Of course I hadn't noticed, I was too busy accusing my poor child of faking it. He gave her a breathing treatment, to help prevent it from turning into Bronchitis, and put her on an antibiotic and asthma medication. Bad mom.....I know. And boy, has she been gloating all day :)


Mom to Toes said...

Oh no! Well, I can certainly understand missing that. Especially with the circumstances.

I'd only call you "Bad Mom" had it turned into pneumonia prior to you noticing.


Anonymous said...

You're not "Bad Mom"! You took her to the doctor didn't you? That makes you "Slightly skeptical but still on the ball mom" in my book! Hope little E is feeling better soon!