Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fastest Post Ever.....

They decided not to do surgery ( due to potentially spreading the infection further), and have opted to continue w/ IV antibiotics. Tomorrow is the big day, as T will have had antibiotics for 48 hours at that point, and if there is not enough improvement, than they will go in and remove the abscess. But, he's feeling a lot better (meaning, we walked every inch of that hospital today- multiple times :) On a positive note : He now loves his hearing aid, and he was not a fan prior to this :)

More tomorrow!


Jennifer said...

I HAVE BEEN THINKING OF YOU TODAY!!! I hope that T continues to improve...FAST...and am still praying! I'm glad you had time for an update...albeit a fast one...I have been wondering how y'all were doing!!

Loudest Mom on the Block said...

Thanks so much for the thoughts! I think we're all just tired of being in the hospital....I can't imagine how some of the families do it, who are in and out all the time- I feel for them. Well, gotta get the kids up and off to school so I can go switch places w/ Rob.

Mom to Toes said...

I am eager to hear how the antibiotics are working. I am hopeful he won't need the surgery.

I hope you are all home soon!