Friday, August 1, 2008

Exciting Friday around here.....There is a new 'catalogue'.....

available through Club Penguin!!! Now, I have NO idea what that means, exactly, but my two girls are certainly excited about it. Even the almost 12 year old, although she claims she only plays Club Penguin to *help* her younger sister. She tried to stay up last night until it was released, but I nixed that as 9:00 approached (the catalogue was not due out until midnight.....not happening). That said, there were sure a lot of little penguins hanging out in the waiting area, dancing their little penguin tushies off. (Did that statement really just come out of my mouth????)

Anyway- I don't mind children's websites, and Club Penguin, while not really educational, is certainly a child-friendly site; however, it does make me wonder if we are just training our children to be the next set of parents who wake up at 4:30 in the morning on the day after Thanksgiving to rush out and stand in line (w/ the other 100 or so crazy people) to get the newest, best, or at least cheapest 'things'. I've certainly done it (typically in our former state, where it was ALWAYS cold and snowy) and actually found it to be fun- but I think that was because I got to get out of the house, kid-free, after spending the entire day before cooking and cleaning.

Anyway- those are my mostly random thoughts this morning, as I watch my youngest daughter bounce excitedly in her chair over the latest fashion items available for a chubby penguin.

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