Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reunion recap and more odds and ends

After the many pictures I remember taking (or being in), only about 5 of them came from my camera. Which is probably pretty good, judging by how mine came out-LOL. But, I did share one that kind of summed up the night. Lots of laughs..... (I'm the one in the middle of a laugh in the picture- not the best picture ever but oh well :)

This is a picture of some friends and I right when we walked in the door. By the end of the night I gave up on pictures- it was just too crowded, and we ran out of time. For the most part, people feel into two categories: those who look exactly the same, and those who look SO different. Both were fun to see, although it was fun to 'guess' who unknown people really were. All in all- very glad I went!

Interesting school note- I called Delaney's school on Monday and spoke with the Principal and Asst. Principal both yesterday. They had no idea an IEP child would be starting this year.....I guess they always receive notification regarding 504 kids, but the IEP kids don't instantly get flagged. It is up to the elementary schools to let them know. Weird little computer glitch, huh? Basically this means they have no FM system ready, no sound field ready, etc. Good thing I called :)


Val said...

you are so cute, I love your hair.
you look so young!! I'm about to have my 15 y reunion, I look a lot older than you!

Loudest Mom said...

Thanks Val- I COMPLETELY disagree w/ you :), but thanks anyway. You young 'un....15 year reunion- fun!