Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not counting today, 6 more days until school starts....

and I'm so excited! Of course, we're still working on Trey's schooling (where he is going, who is funding, etc). Nothing like waiting until the last minute- although that statement is not totally true- I know where he's going, but the school district is still proceeding as though he will be heading their direction, for now. Anyway- I'm now hoping for a meeting on Friday, but my school district contact did not feel overly confident about that actually working due to Labor Day.

Emily has the same teacher as she had last year, which makes everything easy this year. I will not have to 'break in' a new teacher in terms of the FM system, etc. Which is good, because we are going to make many adjustments to her speech therapy as suggested by our Audiologist. She will be doing speech this year w/ her newer implant only- our Audi. felt like her discrimination should be quite a bit better than it was at our last appointment. That said, she had major negative ear pressure caused by ???? so that might have been part of it. Do any of your children get random negative ear pressure?

Delaney will have her back to school night/bbq on Wednesday, and I'll hopefully know who her teachers are, etc. at that point. Still have some logistics to work through in terms of her FM system, speech, etc.

And then last, but not least, is Jake. I'll just need to arrange for an FM for him- Edit: Should have been PIECE not, peace, of cake (hopefully)....

This post was really just my to-do list written out. This way if I get lost/confused I can just read my notes-LOL.

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