Thursday, August 7, 2008

So long hair

Due to the rapidly approaching 20 year reunion, I actually did my homework prior to heading to the hairdresser. I scoured the internet looking for the perfect hair- and I think I found it. Unfortunately, what I wound up with is a blunt cut, classic, chin length bob. Exactly like I had when I was in high school.....I think this may be carrying the 'high school' reunion thing a bit far.

Does Milla's hair look like a chin length bob to YOU? I thought so- not so much to me either. We'll see how quickly it grows.....


Julie said...

Chin-length bob?

Sure she has a "chin length bob"... because her MOUTH IS HANGING WIDE OPEN. I'd give it a good three vertical inches.

I guess if you could've held that exact pose (without dislocating your jaw) for the entire hair-cut then...

Oh well. You should see mine. I DID say I wanted it short, but I didn't actually mean shorter than my boys'!

Oh well, it'll grow.

And besides, people are much nicer at 20th reunions than they were at the 10th... I think they're not trying so hard to prove anything.

Enjoy :0)

Loudest Mom said...

You're SO right. I forgot to calculate in the mouth factor......I don't think I could do that with my mouth if I tried, nor would I want to-LOL.

That is the wonderful thing about does grow. And, at least everyone will recognize me right off the bat (since I look like I'm trying to recreate my yearbook picture :)

leahlefler said...

This one has me in a chuckle. Hopefully it will grow out quickly! On the other hand, if it looks just like you had it in high school- you'll be easy to recognize!

I really need a haircut. And probably some hair dye! Oy.

Val said...

I had mine like this a couple of years ago, I asked them to be very choppy and they used this special tool w/razors inside to do the chop on the neds. I then just used my straightening iron (even though my hair is straight) and then it turned out like I wanted it...less bob, more chop....make sense?...and I agree, she does have a chin length bob...since her mouth is hanging. If nothing else, you should walk around w/your mouth open, maybe that will work...*grin*... you'll be fine I'm sure.

Loudest Mom said...

The funny part about a haircut is my cut seemed pretty extreme to me (I lost about 4 inches), but no one has mentioned it :) So, either it's *not* as short as I think it is, or it looks bad and no one wants to lie and have to say "you got a looks so cute", or the people I've run into are just not hair people (I think it's actually option 3, as I've been out at a soccer field, yet again, all day).

Anyway- I've gotten used to it, and I'm liking the fact that there is no styling needed.

Val- I will for sure use your suggestion to achieve the choppy look I originally wanted- a whole lot of texturizing cream and a straightening iron. Hopefully I won't forget to plug the CI battery charger back in after I'm done-LOL. I think since I've done that recently it will not be something I forget any time soon :)