Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm flying solo this weekend.....

Rob left (very, very early) this morning for his annual football trip w/ one of his closest friends from high school. I'm sure he will love having a weekend to do nothing but hang out w/ another guy and watch USC play football- I'd love it (but I had my weekend last week, as you all know....I'm thinking about making mine an 'annual' trip also :) Anyway- he borrowed my iPod (which I had to think long and hard about, LOL) to download movies for the plane. I had them downloading last night, and all he needed to do this morning was transfer the movies from the library to the iPod- simple. Not so much, somehow the computer switched into sleep mode, so the downloads paused. Instead of bailing on the iPod idea, I was awakened at 5:00 in the morning so I could take care of the iPod issues. We were up fairly late last night and I am definitely not a morning person. So, I started my 'single' weekend, tired, and a wee bit cranky. Sorry kids!!! Blame your father. I hope he enjoyed his movies :)

I had to chuckle at the differences in our weekend watching material. I downloaded "27 dresses" and "August Rush", he chose "Vantage Point", which I actually would like to see, and " There will be blood", zero interest...I know it's supposed to be good (at least the Academy thought so) but it holds no appeal for me. Bring on "27 dresses" anyday.

I also managed to bend the prongs on Trey's implant to a point that I'm not sure it will work- I'll keep you posted on that one (LAME mom moment.....)

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