Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why Do Batteries Break?????

Why? That's all I want to know. We were already juggling 4 batteries amongst 4 Cochlear Implants (which was a feat, trust me, due to the fact that we had no new batteries charging), but now we have another broken one. I need to submit my insurance because I believe they will cover batteries, but it's just the principle of the matter. Why are these very expensive batteries not more durable. We lost the last two just by Emily's implant flying off her head and landing on our kitchen floor. (Yes, the implant flying off is a whole different subject). The plastic sliders snap off, making the battery unusable. And, they are not under any kind of warranty. My thing is if you are going to spend $100-$200 on a battery, it should not break every time it hits the floor. Yes? Good- I'm glad we're in agreement :)

I called Advanced Bionics to order two new batteries, and asked to speak to the product support people. They were on the other line, but I was promised a return call. That was 2 days ago. I know.....patience. EDIT: I CALLED AGAIN AND SPOKE WITH ONE OF THE FANTASTIC AUDIOLOGISTS AND FEEL BETTER- IT'S NOT JUST US. THAT SAID, NO GREAT SOLUTION EITHER, BUT AT LEAST I LOGGED MY COMPLAINT- SORRY FOR THE CAPS, JUST WANTED THIS TO SHOW AS AN EDIT, AND MY COMPUTER DOESN'T LET ME DO MUCH TO DIFFERENTIATE. I just had to send Delaney to school with her hearing aid only due to not having a battery for her. She's the only one of the kids who is fine w/ that (in fact, she probably prefers it, I just don't let her get away with it a whole lot because she hears better w/ both). Anyway- I'm done whining. Hopefully our two new batteries come today!

I need to go dig out a Basketball uniform, and Emily's Soccer uniform. We have a double-booked evening: Basketball from 5-7, and Indoor Soccer from 7:40-8:30. They are on opposite sides of the city (of course), and we have to cram dinner in somewhere as well. I may have to cave and get some kind of fast food tonight. We've been trying to limit our fast food consumption this year, but there are times where it's the easiest option. Bye!


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