Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend done (well, almost)

We survived the basketball and soccer games, the sleep-over, and the birthday party. We managed to not lose any hearing aids, implants, or batteries (YAY!), so I'd say it's been a success. Not to mention, all four children are present and accounted for. Kind of. Rob actually has the two boys at the birthday party (did I mention what a wonderful husband he is?) so that I could get dinner done, the girls bathed, and type this recap (he probably didn't count on that part of it, but oh well.)

Delaney's soccer team won both games, thereby securing a spot in the State Cup quarterfinals. Just in case all of you die-hard soccer fans were waiting with bated breath. She also managed to keep her shorts up in BOTH games :) Amazing what happens when you tie them-LOL. We'll be traveling again next weekend for that game- this time of year gets a bit nutty.

After a week of lots of rain, some heavy fog, and a tornado (which are more or less unheard of here in the rainy corner of the states), we had a day filled with sunshine and warm weather (50+). Which is good, as I just heard that rickets are on the rise, so I know my kids got a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Rickets....who would have thought???

What else? I think that's it for now. I'm too tired to come up with anything too compelling (not that I've done ever done that, anyway :)


Anonymous said...

That's okay, I find your very existence day to day to be rather compelling :-)

(Seriously, how do you stay sane?)

Rickets? I've got to look that up, I've heard of it, but don't know for sure what it is.

Get some rest!

TedHutchinson said...

Not sure where you are from but anyone living above latitude 35N (roughly north of Los Angeles to Atlanta)will not be getting Vitamin D from sunlight from October to March.
Because we tend not to spend so much time outdoors in the summer without sunscreen/sunblock we are not making sufficient Vitamin D in the summer to last through the winter.
Not enough vitamin D Health consequences for Canadians explains the dose of vitamin D3 to attain and maintain 25(OH)D levels >80nmol/L -32ng is 2200 IU/d if baseline levels are 20 to 40nmol/L 16ng
A 25(OH)D test will soon tell you how low you are.

Loudest Mom said...

Thanks for the rickets info. Sunscreen- good for you, but w/ a small side effect, interesting :) We're in the 'not so sunny' Pacific Northwest, so I would think it might be an issue, although my kids are HUGE milk drinkers. Maybe counteracts it???