Thursday, January 24, 2008

Traveling alone w/ four kids- Have I met my match???

This weekend is the semi-finals and finals for Delaney's soccer state cup. It also happens to be my husband's National Sales Meeting- in Palm Springs (yes, warm, sunny, Palm Springs). Which means I have to get myself and the four kids to Seattle, stay in a hotel, and out for multiple meals ALONE. In a few years, no big deal. But right now- a bit overwhelming.

My solution? Lose a kid. I have called in a favor, and my wonderful, kind, and beautiful (are you reading this 'sis) sister, has offered to watch Trey. Just taking the number of kids down by one makes a huge difference in the family dynamic. I wouldn't want to PERMANENTLY get rid of one, but now instead of feeling overwhelmed, it feels manageable. The funny thing is it usually doesn't matter which child is gone- the other three always behave better. We still haven't figured it out, but I think it has something to do with the two boys pairing off and egging each other on, and the two girls pairing off and eventually fighting w/ each other. When there are three, this doesn't happen and they all gel better. In this case though, Trey was the lucky winner- a sleep over with his much beloved cousins.

Trey is the one who wakes up at the crack of dawn and wants to go (anywhere and everywhere), and somehow the other hotel guests do not always appreciate an early morning wake-up call. The others now like to lounge in bed, and be waited on until eventually we HAVE to get out of bed. Trey likes to crawl under tables in restaurants, inspecting the new gum additions, while the others will now sit long enough to eat at least some of their meal. I, on the other hand, have just learned to shovel in as much food as possible in the first 5 minutes of the meal, and then if I get more, great, if not, at least I ate a bit.

I'm now off to buy my sister and brother-in-law a nice bottle of wine. Just in case they find they need it this weekend.


leahlefler said...

Good luck to you! I can't imagine travelling with three kids- much less four kids!! Going to California with our two boys was quite difficult, and that was WITH two adults! Thank goodness you have someone to watch your youngest one- you'll have lots of fun and build great memories!

Karen said...

LOL I'm laughing! Yes, I've noticed the same thing, lose a kid and the dynamic changes. And I only have three!

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