Monday, January 21, 2008

Info needed: Alarm clocks for deaf/HOH child

Just a random thought before I go to bed. I am so tired after last night's bad night of sleep- I thought I'd fall asleep by 8:00 yet here I sit. Delaney is starting middle school next year, and while I don't mind running downstairs to wake her up, I'd love to get her used to waking on her own, at least partially. I'd love some good recommendations for alarm clocks that don't rely on sound. I'm also wondering what the everyone else has done for fire alarms. We were in a hotel in November, and were awakened by the hotel fire alarm. The kids did not budge, even with the lights flashing. It worries me a bit. Ideas?

Well, I better go to sleep before I decide to tackle world peace. Just wanted to throw those questions out there while they were top of mind. Goodnight all!


leahlefler said...

Someone on the listserve was talking about a shake-awake alarm clock. Not sure where to get them, but I guess they go under your pillow and vibrate to wake you up.

Mom to Toes said...

I have been thinking about these exact things lately, after being awakened by Tickle Me Elmo repeatedly going off (loudly) Monday at 2 AM.

I ran in to find Toes sound asleep on top of a giggling Elmo. Apparently she had rolled on top of him and was repeatedly setting him off with her weight.

It made me very concerned about how well those vibration clocks are going to work with her when she is a teenager. ;)

Loudest Mom said...

That is very cute (giggling Elmo), but I agree. Will my daughter just ignore the vibrating alarm clock, assuming it is one of her little brothers trying to shake her awake as they do all the time? It's definitely worth a try (thank you both for the suggestion). Maybe I'll buy several different kinds and do reviews of them, for all of you w/ future 11 year olds. I can also sneak it under my husband's pillow since he's been ignoring the alarm clock lately, and it's on his side of the bed-LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I don't know, but I would post it on the new forum, Cochlear World and see if anyone picks it up. I'm sure Ci Circle would have some answers, are you on the circle? Or, the hearing exchange blog may be a good source. Let us know if you find a good product!

Paula said...

Hi all! My middle schooler has been using a vibrating and alarm flashing (yes, both all rolled into one) alarm clock for a few years now. It is called the Sonic Boom clock. You can use sound, light and vibrator each individually or with any combination. It comes in white and a new version is available for girls in hot pink and a heart shape which is adorable. Be sure that wherever you buy it you get it with the vibrator that goes between the mattress and the box spring. (Sometimes it is offered cheaper without the vibrator). You plug in any lamp into the back and it will make the lamp flash until the alarm is turned off.

Here's where you can order:

Harris Communications





These companies also have other alert systems for fire and smoke alarms.

Paula said...

The Soundbytes link didn't work. Here it is: