Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Matching hearing aids spotted at hotel

We were sitting in the atrium of the hotel on Saturday, just Jake and I, having some pretzels and a drink, when Jake noticed a little boy at the next table. He said "Mom, we have the same hearing aids", and sure enough, they had almost the same exact ear molds. He was so excited, he kept coming up with excuses to walk right by the little boy. The little boy was not looking up, but his sister saw Jake and kept trying to show her brother. It was pretty cute.

My kids get so excited when they see another child with a hearing aid or implant, and I find that usually the other child gets just as excited. It also never fails to amaze me how open kids are about what they are wearing, etc. My kids have all been asked many a time about what they have in their ears, and without fail the kids all tell the 'asker' all about their Cochlear Implant, and/or Hearing aids. I'm hoping this never changes, but who knows, as we're approaching the tween/teen years Delaney is getting a bit more self-conscious in general. Every year, for each of her classes she has done a little presentation on hearing loss and Cochlear Implants. We figured it would be educational for the other kids, plus it would resolve all the little questions right away, and might even get the other kids excited about hearing technology. This was the first year she has not wanted to do it. It's probably not as important because most of the kids now know that Delaney has hearing issues, and it's really no big deal to them. For the most part, she hears well (thanks to technology), but when she doesn't her friends all know to tap her, and look right at her.

Next year will be the real test- Middle school. The year when ALL kids get picked on for something or other. Fun Fun! Well, I need to run outside and retrieve our neighbor's trash can that is careening towards our house. It's nice and windy, and we seem to be the house that attracts everyone's stuff :)


Paula said...

Let me know how the Sonic Boom goes! I hope her mattress isn't too thick like my daughter's. I've had to put the vibrator underneath the bedsheet instead of the mattress because it wasn't doing the trick! She's the heaviest sleeper ever and takes after my husband! LOL

On the second day of middle school, Julie did a quick demo of the pass-around mike for her FM with a friend in her homeroom. She also answered questions for the kids. In 6th grade the kids are in teams so she has these same kids in her 4 core classes. She hasn't been teased, thank goodness. I'm sure part of it is that she acts like it's no big deal, even though she gripes about the FM privately to me.

Loudest Mom said...

Great idea! I may borrow that one as well (hopefully her middle school has a similar structure). Delaney doesn't have a pass-around mic for her FM (I wonder if she should??) She just has the clip-on that her teacher wears. I'll have to do some research on what kind of set-up we'll need for next year.

Thank you Paula!