Sunday, January 6, 2008

Busy weekend/Quick recap

Just popping in for a minute. It's my husband's birthday today, which is always a tough one- Too close to Christmas. I always kind of forget about it (I know....that's terrible). But, we're going to have cake, and we got him a few small gifts. Our big present to each other is going to be new furniture at some point. Emily and I are about to start baking his cake.

My daughter's soccer team also had game one, of their state cup tournament. They did fantastic and (proud mom moment), Delaney scored the first two goals of the game. Even more noteworthy, was the LOSS OF HER SHORTS in her second goal. Yes, my daughter (let's just call her grace), in her moment of triumph, came out of nowhere, scrambled for the ball, made an awesome shot into the goal, with her body following the ball into the goal on the ground. Let's just say her shorts did not make the trip with her body. The coaches older daughter took a picture of my daughter's most memorable goal (and no, it will not be posted anywhere other than her scrapbook- to be tentatively pulled out before her junior or senior prom). Luckily she has a great sense of humor and could appreciate the mild ribbing she got after the game (and more importantly the huge hats off from her teammates for the great game). It made sitting in the 30/40 degree rainy, windy weather all worthwhile-LOL.

And, I'm also now looking AGAIN for my son's implant. I'm serious (thank you for the suggestion Jennifer) about talking to Advanced Bionics about adding some kind of clapper, or GPS system. It's sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack. He insists it is downstairs in our bonus room (again!!!), but no luck yet. I think we'll tackle the cake first, so I can 'sweeten' my mood with some cake batter before tearing through all of our toy boxes.


Jennifer said...

I got the giggles over your daughter losing her shorts, and now I'm feeling bad for you because your son has lost his implant AGAIN! Oh, I can totally see that happening in this house...I am so lucky that all we have to keep up with is glasses (and occasionally the girls lose theirs!) If AB won't do something to help, maybe you should invest in a metal detector? ;)

Loudest Mom said...

I love it! I'll be like the lone man searching the beach for lost coins (only I'll be down in our pit of a game room listening to the beep)-LOL. And, probably more profitable for me, since those little processors are quite expensive :(


Mom to Toes said...

I love your daughter's attitude!

If that had happened to me at that age, I would still be traumatized by the event.

I hope Toes end up being more like your daughter and less like me.