Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Medical Mystery Continues....

Our fantastic pediatrician is at a loss. Her platelet count is great, and most of her other coag. numbers are good (which is good). But, what is causing the weird bruises?? We've been asked to consult with a pediatric hematologist (who we've already been forewarned is also at a loss). Her white blood cell count is slightly low (which can indicate an infection, or virus), and her platelet size is slightly below the norm. But, this is the same child who at age 2, ceased walking for a day, had a high sedrate, and had a wacky white blood cell number (high I think), and it all resolved a day later.

Weird. As much as I like playing the "House" game, I don't like mysteries when they involve my children. Thank goodness she is acting like nothing is wrong (except for the ugly purple bruising up and down her arms. I even checked to make sure she wasn't giving herself self-induced "hickies", but there is just no way she could pull some of the positions off, not to mention the spontaneous appearance of the second arm in her sleep.


Val said...

hi, my cousin growing up had some type of condition (non life threatening, it went away) called ITP, can't pronouce it, but that sounds so similar to her. Something about a virus, attacking platelets, google it, sounds just like your daughter though. Keep us updated girl. I just got off the phone w/my aunt to make sure, she gave the details.

Loudest Mom said...

That is so funny, that is definitely something they are looking at. Although her overall platelet number is fine :)

All in all, she's acting like nothing is wrong, I'll just put her in long sleeves, and forget about it-LOL.

Val said...

oh, okay well his count was definitely low. and the bad thing is we were under the age of 10 I remember and he and I got in a rare fight...I hit him w/a plastic bat on his leg, talk about a bruise! Oh my mom felt horrible, notice I said my mom, I can't remember what he did to me (he hit me first! lol)but that may have been when I had a black eye...? kids!

leah said...

Have they done coagulation studies (PT/PTT, Von Willebrand)? There are a number of clotting factor deficiencies that can cause easy bruising... Playing "House" is definitely NOT fun when it's your kid! I hope they get to the bottom of this soon!

leah said...

Hey- I found this article talking about acquired von Willebrand Disease with a case of hypothyroidism. Is that possible with the Pendred's?

I used to work for an in vitro diagnostic firm that manufactured coagulation reagents, so we ran across vWD every once in a while.

Hopefully it's just a one-off incident and the bruising will just go away!

Loudest Mom said...
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