Sunday, May 3, 2009

Emily's Last Recreational Soccer Game

Emily had her last game of the spring season yesterday, and she gets to enjoy a (short) break before tryouts....tomorrow night! I think she has a good shot at making a premier team (especially as my husband is coaching a team). You'll notice Emily only wears one of her two implants for soccer. She spins around, jumps over the ball, and generally just moves too much to manage to keep two on her head. Any suggestions? At this point we've used toupe tape, a huggie, and sweat bands. It sure would help her ability to listen to her coaches give her instruction....then again, maybe she's better off *not* hearing that well. She'll probably have more fun out there than the girls that can actually hear ;)


Danielle said...

Hey I have a few suggestions for you if you would like email me and ill email you back i have 4 things that maybe can help her keep cis on.... also include in email wut ci she wears... so its easy to pull up the info i have. my email is


Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...


I'm a C.I user myself, and I do play alot of football - playing for a local team and at an international level.

I tend to wear a huggie on my AB implant also I wear a thin head band which i place over the coil wire.

I find that proper big head bands distracts the sounds from going through the processors and its used to make the processor come off ur ear so easily. which gets so uncomfortable, so i tend to use the thing lastic ones. which fits all heads sizes. I hope this helps.

check out the pic of the handband i wear -


Loudest Mom said...

Thank you both! I will look at the picture and appreciate the suggestion :)

formerlyknownasme said...

I don't wear CI's, but I do wear bilat h-aids. My biggest problem with those is that when running, they'll flop around- though still anchored by the mould. Then, of course, there'e the disgusting sweat factor D:. Anyway, Katie- I checked out your blog, and I'm thinking someone needs to invent headbands that are thin enough (here, i have to admit, I'm thinking of those stretch bands that come in bright colors and are really thin)that have a slit in them that can be positioned for use with a CI. Because I don't wear a CI, I don't know-- would the magnet be strong enough?? The headband would be pretty wide to cover the "wire?", which would help anchor the CI on. Any suggestions??? Let me know what you think. As I said, I'm an h-aid user, so I have no idea if this would work :P --Oh, and material wise, I'm thinking about the same material as swimming caps but about half as thin. ......