Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For those who are observant, and wondering where Trey's hearing aid is....

that was the question of the weekend. He had a loaner aid as his was sent in to Widex due to distortion, etc., and it somehow fell off his ear. The ear mold was still securely tucked into his ear, but the aid was no longer attached. We scoured the neighborhood but had no luck. So, now we get to purchase Trey's school a new loaner. And to add insult to injury, he got hit in the ear with a basketball breaking one of our large batteries on Monday. Today Emily's headpiece stopped working. They say bad things come in three's, right???

Happy Wednesday!


waitingfortheskytofall said...

Hmmm.. "They say bad things come in three's, right???"
Is that why I've got two brothers?
That realllly sucks, sorry. I haven't really had any hearing aid gone-but mold still in ear accidents yet. On the other hand, though, getting hit in the head with a basketball, that kinda stuff freaks me out. During gym I make the decision whether to be able to communicate with my team fast enough or risk having my hearing aid slammed into my head. Usually I just keep one on and keep track of the ball :D The large batteries.. Are they the rechargable ones, or the ones with a really long life? Lol. As for batteries, I have a trick going. I try to time the end of the battery life with the weekend, so i can go a day w.o a hearing aid, and time it so they're a day off from each other. That way, if i run out of batteries i'm fine, but also if one stops working in the middle of the school day, i can change which side the working h-aid is on and remember to bring batteries the next day :P

Loudest Mom said...

I like the idea of timing your HA batteries running out on different days- Smart :)

Yes, the really big rechargeable implant battery (that is unfortuntatly really pretty expensive- bummer.