Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm Waiting for Delaney to Get Home After a .....

soccer game (ALS?). Our local city's club, and basically I'm not expecting her until close to midnight. That is way past my bedtime, so I thought I'd *finally* watch the season finale of LOST. I've been waiting all day. It's two hours, which is great, but not great at the moment. I know myself, there is no way I'll make it up until 1:00 am to see it all, and if I do? Even worse, I'll be way too tired tomorrow.

And, on top of that, my husband has the stomach flu. Keep your fingers crossed that I quarantined him soon enough.

On a sidenote, did you know that salt is considered a poison? I didn't. And, (fortunately for me, not so much for my sis), it actually *wasn't* one of my kids that ingested the salt- yes, shocking, right? That is definitely something that would happen to one of mine....just because. But no, it was my poor nephew- the cute little guy in the previous pictures. Somehow he (and friends) had the great idea to ingest salt, and he ate a good amount. And, then quickly threw up. Which was good. Because, as I now know, salt is pretty dangerous, and can be used as a poison. So- there is my new public service announcement. Avoid salt, especially in large quantities :)

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