Monday, March 23, 2009

Still here...I'm celebrating 1/4 of a spring break this week!

One of the four kids has spring break (the other three are off next week). It makes it difficult to actually DO anything :) So to celebrate Trey's first day of spring break, I let him stay in his PJs all day long. Yes, I was actually just lazy today, and as we weren't going anywhere (due to Delaney being home w/ a stomach bug), I just let him lounge around. Lucky boy!


Val said...

haha, you are so funny. Your pretty good, wonder if you can convince him that sweeping or mopping is also a treat!

Loudest Mom said...

You know least I tried. He turned me down flat! However, he did insist on coloring my couch a lovely shade of lime green, and put little sticky glue strips on every surface of the house. Gotta love him, for his ability to self-entertain (but at what cost :)