Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And, In Our Spare Time This Week.....The Science Project

Here you go....
She's so proud of the work I,I mean, she did. Actually, let me clarify- she absolutely did the experiment. I may have helped w/ the beautification, but what are we REALLY judging. The brains or the beauty? And for all you scrapbookers out there...I know, not *that* beautiful.


Paula Rosenthal said...

This cracked me up because my husband and I (mostly my husband) just got finished doing a heritage book project with our middle child this weekend. They spent the weekend working on Photoshop making a spectacular looking scrapbook! The good news, my son did all the copy (with just a little editing help from Mom). Love your blog and your photos of your stunning children!

Loudest Mom said...

Good! I'm not the only 'involved' parent-LOL. Now, Photoshop puts my poster board to shame :)