Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Emily...

Emily is now 9! Hard to believe....but I'll tell you a little secret. She still looks just like Emily at age 3 when she's sleeping. I know that will eventually vanish. I only have to look at Delaney to realize eventually all traces of the little people they once were fade away. But when I gently (or not so gently) nudge her awake, and her eyes pop open in that distinctive Emily way, it takes me right back to when she was just a wee little thing.


leah said...

That top picture is priceless! They do grow up entirely too fast. What a sweet girl- Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Loudest House on the Block Mom! I found your site while searching for comments on the EarPopper. I love your site, by the way.

Did you get the EarPopper for your child? One of your past posts came up - I think from last year - during my "EarPopper" search. Did it work? I am looking into it for myself, as I am an adult with eustacian tube dysfunction and it looks like it might just work.

My name is Karen, I also live in the Great Northwest (Whidbey Island) and my email is:

I'd love to hear from you about the Ear Popper, if you have time. I know you must be very busy!
Thank you.