Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day.....

I now know what my favorite color is, and let me just *hint* to you that green is NOT it. Actually, I think I really like green, but only one of my four children own a green shirt. How does that happen? I'm the purchaser....there is blue in great abundance, w/ some red and orange thrown in for good measure.

It was difficult this morning to prepare the kids for St. Patty's Day when they do not own any green. Trey had to make do w/ an army green (really more brown) shirt of his brother's, and Jake will be settling on a navy blue sweater w/ a lone green stripe. He is taking in a huge sack of green grapes to share at their Green Buffet.

Delaney headed out the door in a neon yellow jacket (I think she's secretly hoping to get pinched), w/ one lone green sock hidden under her jeans/shoes.

Emily, however, headed out in style. A long sleeved dark green shirt, covered up with an oversized hoodie (bright lime green). She also has a bright green clip in her head. No pinches for her!

Hope you all had more luck than I did going green today!

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Mandie said...

Abby has no green in her closet, except for the leaves on some flower shirts. She wouldn't dare wear it. I love it though.