Monday, July 7, 2008

There's something rotting somewhere......

in my house (yes, I know this is gross.....but try smelling it all day). Any great ideas on how to locate the object behind the stench? I've cleaned out the fridge, checked under beds, I'm tackling the pantry next (maybe an oldish potato?). Anyway- I'd love an easy way to find the offending object. Wish me luck!
Problem solved- not sure how???? but between the fish bowls, the trash which was overflowing in the main can, and a small pile of laundry, the smell is gone!

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K.L. said...

I have to laugh. We were getting fruit flies and could not track down what was causing them. Finally put bug strips all over the house. Finally tracked down the location of the most fruit flies. In the laundry room! Turns out the wet/dry vac was not cleaned out the last time it had been used. Yuck. Vac is gone. Flies are also gone.