Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting.........

well, not really 'fighting'. Because "we use our Kung Fu for self-defense", or at least that's part of Jake's pledge he's supposed to be memorizing, along w/ the phrase near and dear to my heart "I will respect my parents, my teacher, and my elders". Any class that teaches kids to listen and respect their parents (and others) is o.k. in my book. More importantly, it is a sport that, so far, allows Trey's cochlear implant to stay firmly on his head.

Both boys are in the same class, along with their cousin Connor. They seem to really be enjoying it, although Trey tends to make several water runs, and bathroom trips during the warm-up. However, as soon as the gloves come out, he's totally engaged. Who wouldn't welcome the chance to punch his brother, and have it be o.k. The sparring is actually quite tame. No actual punches are thrown (except for the occassional overzealous participant), and there is direct supervision- unlike the sparring that occurs at our house. All in all, a great activity for two active little boys. And, much better than the gymnastics that Emily did at a young age, where her cochlear implant was always flying off somewhere in the dusty gym. I used to cringe when the class would get to jump off of the balance beam into the foam pit- I had visions of me up to my eyeballs in foam blocks, looking for her implant.

It is also another sport we can check off our list as having experienced. Between all four kids we have now participated in: gymnastics, ballet, creative dance, tap dancing (that one was painful), swimming (including swim meets- Delaney was always a bit late off the block- we needed to work on that one), basketball, baseball/softball, kung fu/karate, volleyball, track, and of course, soccer. Throw in the guitar lessons that Emily will be taking soon, and my kids will never be able to complain that we didn't let them try something-LOL.

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Val said...

Gage sooo needs this for disciplinary reasons!