Monday, March 15, 2010

What I've Been Up To (Since I've Been MIA)-

Saturday was Emily's birthday party

So I spent all day Friday making party favors....

and baking this obnoxiously green cake! Isn't it bright?

I also dyed t-shirts the same very bright shade of green that the party guests then decorated with massive amounts of fabric paint. I should have bought extra containers of the glow in the dark paint. Who knew that would be the hit of the party? A few of the shirts turned out bright yellow as Delaney forgot to add salt during the dying process- oops! (Sidenote: Thank you to Delaney and Alexa for being my craft helpers. Delaney, next time you shake the paint make sure the lid is CLOSED).

The girls went on a scavenger hunt looking for various green items (beaded necklaces, light-up buttons, etc.) and gold coins (both plastic and chocolate). They then came back and made their shirts, beaded rings, and St. Patricks Day magnets (just included because it was one of the easier crafts....don't magnets scream St. Patricks Day ? ;).

(If you squint you can see the magnets....)

Milo (the non-housebroken puppy) escaped several times

And took great delight in running away from all fourteen party guests, my son, and the adults chasing him down. Those watching from inside the house seemed to find it rather funny. I did not. Right after this I realized we only had 15 minutes left to inhale pizza and cake, and open presents. Mass chaos erupted, but we managed to get it done (giving away extra cake as people departed). And we *still* have green cake. Next year we're bowling.

Happy 10th Birthday Em!


leah said...

Looks like a GREAT party to me! You're so creative!

I'm totally copping out and renting the YMCA gymnastics room for Matt's 5th birthday. That way I don't have to clean up after 15 five year olds!

Loudest Mom said...

You are SO much smarter than I was :) Sounds like a great plan to me!

Anonymous said...

OMG, i love this blog, and your bg, Jesus all perfect! Congratilations!