Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My poor magnetic blog....

This blog was my 'baby' for awhile, and then my kids became 'normalized'...which is good, but I lost my fodder. It's now a magnet for WEIRD random comments. It's not so exciting to type "my child is doing THIS, and THIS", and they are (here is the big BAD word) "normal" . But we are good. That said, our life is now getting interesting again in a crazy, chaotic way, but I think that is our normal.

I'll try to ignore the weird comments and keep posting :)


Mandie said...

I've had a few of those strange comments this past month too, even one in chinese.

My kids have LVAS/Pendred syndrome too, so I'd love to hear what's going on!

Val said...

girl hit me up...send me a message or a smoke signal, interesting.

leah said...

I'm definitely interested to hear- I'm sure we will via FB. We're chasing down the genetics route, too.. though none of Nolan's issues fit into a neat syndrome (sigh)...

Boo to the weird comments- I haven't had any (I use the word verification and all new comments are posted to my email). Weird people creep me out!

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