Friday, March 5, 2010

My husband and I celebrated (o.k., not really) our 15th anniversary yesterday-

We didn't really celebrate as Rob was home sick with bronchitis....Which in his case is never ever really just bronchitis. For those who are new readers he has HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), which makes most illnesses a bit bigger than the norm.

On a good note, he is feeling a LOT better today. Now we just need to keep him healthy for the next month. He will be having fairly major surgery towards the end of the month to help improve his quality of life (i.e. walk and run without being winded, etc.). It's a fairly invasive procedure, but should be worth it in the long run, but for the next 10 weeks this blog may be heavily focused on cardiac issues :)

The good news is that as of this years check-up the kids all show no signs of HCM (which is genetic in our family's case, and is about 50% chance per child). I'm hoping our "beating the odds" in the hearing area means we'll get off scott free for cardiac issues....right????


leah said...

I hope Rob gets better soon! Good news that all of the kids are free from HCM at the moment.. is there a genetic test you can have run to know for sure?

I hope next weekend will be illness-free for celebrating!

Loudest Mom said...

Yes..And we're going to do it shortly. That way we can forego the yearly screenings :)