Saturday, March 6, 2010

Today is Emily's Birthday (and at some point I will write a typical bday reflection)....

but we got home from Delaney's soccer game in Redmond about two hours ago and promptly whisked Em off to her birthday dinner (at our local Japanese grill) and then came home to enjoy cupcakes from the cute cupcake bakery in Redmond. Typically I let the kids pick their favorite meal (because that's how we did it in my house) but my mom cooked our meal. Tonight I had to scream "uncle". The japanese grill was a great replacement, and we came home w/ a ton of left-overs.

Delaney did not play today- her coach claimed he didnt' want to injure her prior to state cup, and that could be the case. But, she was heartbroken- she's worked her behind** off to get back on the field, and this was the last regular season game. Hopefully State Cup will be a new chapter in her soccer career (meaning a better one).

**feel free to supply your own synonym :)


Laura said...

I waited all day to call Em on her b-day and then fell asleep on the couch. I will call first thing this morning when I feel it is an acceptable time to call. Happy Birthday to my sweet little God child!!

Loudest Mom said...

Thank you for the thought, and a good godmother falls asleep on the couch waiting up for her niece, despite waking up a lot due to MY cute niece ;)