Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Update on Delaney's Knee.....

Finally I have some good news to share! Delaney was able to attend her first soccer practice (since December) last night. She made it through a full practice with no knee pain :) So exciting!! However, we did have to explore creative treatments to get her there.

For those who don't know the backstory, Delaney tore/sprained her MCL in an indoor soccer game in late December. She was diagnosed with a grade 2 tear (but it could not be fully looked at as she is unable to have an MRI due to her cochlear implant). She was in an immobilizer for several weeks, and then a knee brace- and did physical therapy for several weeks with no improvement. As of a week ago Friday, she was in tears as her knee was no better, and it looked as though State Cup was going to be a no-go for her.

Then we heard of someone here locally who does ARPwave therapy,and he has had some success w/ ACL and MCL tears (among other injuries). So, we gave it a shot. She limped in on a Monday, and by Thursday was running sprints in his facility at 100%, with NO PAIN.

She had another treatment on Monday, and was cleared to go back to practice (but w/ a stern warning that if there was any pain, to stop). Anyway- she'll be working with this trainer for another few weeks, learning better form to avoid future injuries.....

Exciting, right?

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