Sunday, December 9, 2007

Yet another excuse....sorry

I've been too crazed to post anything worthwhile. So sorry.... My husband was stuck in a neighboring city for much of last week, due to flood-induced freeway closure, which meant I spent much of my time driving. I felt like a chauffeur (only without the pay). He finally FLEW home Friday mid-day, and we promptly did allergy shots, and basketball game. Followed by two soccer games Saturday, as well as a birthday party, and a sleep-over. Sunday (once we got rid of our 'add-on' child), we headed up to the local tree farm, picked out our tree, hauled it home (while staring out any possible window, hoping it wasn't going to fall off the car), made chocolate truffle bars and fudge for neighbors, cooked a leftover inspired meal, and my husband flew back up to 'neighboring city' for work tomorrow, and to pick up his car.

To add to the chaos, Trey (the youngest) lost a battery, his ear hook, and the headpiece to his implant......all at separate times today. All now found! He also managed to misplace his hearing aid (found under a couch cushion). I guess we're winning, right????


Anonymous said...

You guys must be in the Northwest! Yikes.

I'd like to know how you keep track of all the gear that you deal with? Are there a total of 5 implants? And one hearing aid?

Loudest Mom on the Block said...

Let me think what we have.....4 implants (two of the kids just have 1 at this point, Emily has bilaterals), and 4 hearing aids (one child only has bilateral hearing aids still, and the other two each wear a hearing aid on their non-implanted ear). It's impossible to keep track of it all, but we muddle through :)

Yes- we're in the very rainy Northwest :)