Saturday, December 29, 2007

Down a hearing aid, and two CI batteries.....

I'm keeping a running tally, just for fun. Hopefully someday the missing equipment will be a distant memory. The hearing aid is Trey's (our youngest), and we think it's buried under a bed (???) The CI batteries broke apart when a couple of implants fell off onto our hardwood floors. Yesterday morning we were also missing an implant (also Trey's), but fortunately it was found under an enormous pile of couch cushions. Still a week to go of 'vacation' so the number may rise. At this point I think we're down about $1,500, but I'm hoping the hearing aid magically reappears.

Also, my mom bought the kids the Wii for Christmas, and she also bought four games to go with it. When the kids opened their games, the games were not in the cases. The store had given my mom the display cases, rather than the cellophane wrapped cases. Fortunately it comes w/ the Sports game- unfortunately our Sport game quit working the very next day. Fortunately, my MIL also sent a game so at least the kids have something they can play. I could keep going but you catch my drift-LOL.

I'm off to find the elusive hearing aid.


Mom to Toes said...


How do you manage to juggle all of that???

I want a Wii. But my husband has no interest. It seems silly to buy one just for me. Toes is a tad too young to figure it out just yet. ;)

Loudest Mom on the Block said...

I'll admit- It helps to wait until your kids are old enough to play with it, to have the excuse- LOL. But, I think Rob and I had as much fun with it as the kids did....and neither of us are huge video game fanatics. I really, really hope once the kids get older that the lost/missing stuff is no longer an issue (although finding delaney's soccer stuff CONTINUES to be a problem....and she's 11).

But at least it doesn't cost as much :)

Val said...

I bet you are the loudest house on the block...four kids(w/or w/out hearing loss)makes for noise!! I have two w/implants(my only two)and we're loud too! We have no hearing aids anymore but my daughter is bilateral(age4)so she has four processors and my son has two(he is left side implanted). Nice to know some other LOUD people are out there.