Thursday, December 6, 2007

Reflections on a 5 year old.....

My son Jake turned 5 two days ago. I had great intentions of posting something about this momentous day, but somehow I ran out of hours. It's hard to believe that he is soon to be gone to 'Big Boy' school. There are times when he is such a 'big' boy, and other times when he is such a 'little' boy. He is a loving, compassionate little boy at school, who always goes out of his way to help his schoolmates. His teachers report that he is a great learner, great listener, and most importantly a great friend. However, at home he is the master tormentor. And, he's training his little brother to be the same. They thrive on chasing their sister's around, rifling through their belongings, embarrassing them in front of their friends, etc. But, I think that is what little brother's are supposed to do.

Jake was born w/ a mischievous glint in his eye, and this has only been sharpened with time, but it is also the thing about him that I wouldn't change. It will serve him well in life- He always looks at the world with constant amusement, and when life seems full of drudgery, Jake will shake things up and find things to laugh at. I wish I had a bit of that :)

The unfortunate thing for him is that with age, he seems to be losing more and more hearing. I called yesterday to get him into the Audiologist so we can do a 'tune up'. I shouldn't be surprised, as this is how it has been for the other kids (in fact, he's managed to hold on to the most hearing), but I had high hope that maybe he'd be a bit more stable in the hearing department. Again, doesn't seem to bother him- he just cranks the TV, radio and his voice up that much louder LOL. He'll be fine, but I only hope that if he eventually needs an implant, it happens sooner rather than later. It was much harder for my older daughter at age 7, than it was for the others. Anyway- back to the birthday :)

Jake is the child who will walk up to any other child and assume that they have been friends forever. Luckily for him he doesn't get to offended if the other child chooses to not play with him. He'll just find another 'victim' and befriend him. He has never stopped to consider that someone would not want his company.

Happy Belated Birthday Jake, I love you!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jake! He sounds like a funloving and resilient little guy.

leahlefler said...

Five sounds like a lot of fun! I know I'll miss the baby days when they're gone, but then the other part of me just wants, well, potty training to be accomplished! LOL.

Mom to Toes said...

Happy Birthday Jake!

Your description of him reminds me of Erin.

I love that glint in her eye, too.

Most of the time. ;)