Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve

Or just Happy Holidays for those celebrating other occasions. We've been home just having fun with the kids. Well, the kids that are actually here- Emily was invited to go see "Beauty and the Beast" with a neighbor, and Delaney was gone all day yesterday for a playdate. At one point even Jake was playing away from home, and it was only Trey, Rob, and myself. Wow was it quiet.....too quiet I think- LOL. I'm just not used to that. Today though, we are all here enjoying each others company, and watching the kids in their pre-Christmas excitement (that's why I snuck upstairs to "fold laundry", AKA visit my favorite blogs).

I snuck out yesterday as well, and got a much-needed haircut. I had 5+ inches cut off, and I think I really like it. I haven't had to do it on my own yet, so that will be the true test. But, I really think I'm going to like having shortish hair again.

Anyway- I better sneak away, before my 'laundry' cover is blown. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and I'll post some pictures tomorrow or the next day.

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Jennifer said...

I was trying to get around to all my blogs yesterday to wish everyone a Merry Christmas but I ran out of time. I hope yours was a wonderful one, all the were in my thoughts! :) Bet your house was louder than ever...and hope it was a very happy one :)
I need a haircut desperately...but no time! Hopefully soon...I'm way overdue! :)