Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Random post about nothing important.....

I know, I know, the blog has barely gotten started and I'm already slacking- But, I figure since right now I'm the only one reading (and writing), I'd forgive myself. EDIT: I take it back- two very nice people have read my rambling posts. Thanks guys (or gals :) Our weekend was packed with three soccer games (all three wins, not that we're tracking 'em), a birthday party, and a playdate with cousins. On top of that my husband decided we really needed to get organized (and yes, we really do), but on a Sunday, after cramming everything else in Saturday, that is REALLY not what I wanted to do. The good news is that it was a chilly, rainy day so there wasn't much else we could do (and weeding was definitely out- darn, my favorite).

I have to figure out how to share some pictures. That will be my task for the evening. We'll see how it goes, and hopefully I can get some pictures of the 'stars' of this little site up soon.

We did not get to test the theory of mud removing the sewage smell from E's implant, as the rain held off for most of Saturday, but fortunately the smell has vanished (thank goodness!!!)

Tomorrow I will have to post about our "baby's" school experience. He just started preschool and it was a real struggle for us to decide where to send him- he is by far the most delayed, for his age, out of all of our kids. For those of you with HOH children, or children with other issues that might impact them scholastically, I'd love to hear how you are educating them (public school, private school, etc.) I also tallied up how much we have personally spent on school, hearing equipment, etc.- I was really shocked (and a wee bit depressed......). Maybe it's better not to know- ha ha!

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Jennifer said...

We have been organizing here too, and I am not enjoying it...it ain't my thing ;). I know it needs to be done sometime, but I want to be inspired to do it...which will probably never happen!!
Don't worry about getting behind...I didn't start writing regularly until I had been blogging about a year :)!