Sunday, October 28, 2007

E's Bilateral Implant Update.....

On a whim I decided to do some very unscientific testing on E's new CI (probably not the best idea, as she is lying on the couch with a stomach bug :( But, I had her wear her new implant only, and we were able to carry on a complete conversation. She only had to ask me to repeat something once, and that was with no visual clues (I held my hand in front of my mouth, so she couldn't read my lips). Huge improvement in the last 30 days!!!! We were happy with how she was doing at the start, but this is fantastic. She was activated on August 6th, so we are just shy of 3 months out. SO HAPPY for her :)

Just had to share- Bye!


Jennifer said...

Wow...that sounds like great progress for three months out! I hope she gets to feeling better soon!! ((HUGS))

Mom to Toes said...


I can't wait to see how Erin does with it. At 2, I'm afraid she will want nothing to do with the transition to bilateral. I hear it can be a little rought for the first few months.

Was that your daughter's experience?