Thursday, October 18, 2007

The patchiest Pumpkin Patch.....

I've ever seen. We had T's first field today- a visit to the pumpkin patch. A decent wind and rain storm was predicted, so we headed out with multiple jackets, rain boots, umbrellas, and of course, the camera. Not exactly a picture-perfect day for the patch; however, we lucked out! A touch of wind, no rain, and a few visits by the sun. That said, we trudged through mounds of mud all morning. The last stop was the patch, where we would be selecting our pumpkins. Let's just say the 'patch', was really no more than a few small piles of scattered pumpkins. Either we were late in the pumpkin picking season, or the owners of said patch are hoping that the visitors will be wowed by the chickens, goats, and horses, and will not notice that they are picking a pumpkin from an empty mud field. All in all, despite the skimpy pumpkin patch, it was a fun-filled first field trip (I'm obviously all about alliteration today).

Gotta go throw some muddy clothes in the wash :)

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