Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jake No Longer Considers the Dentist his Friend....

Let's just say we had a costly dental month, and I think Jake has learned the value of *really* brushing his teeth. As he walked out of the dentist's office sobbing, I thought back on my own dental experiences, and could definitely relate! The dental hygenist said he was not as 'friendly' this visit, in fact I think the actual word she used was 'obstinate'. What can I say? There's some family lore that says I punched a dentist once....can't really lecture him too much, can I!


Val said...

Brook spat on our dentinst the first couple of visits and bit her once. They were soooo nice too, I couldn't believe it. They did use face shields and put the guards in her mouth so she couldn't get 'em again. We go again on Tues. cross your fingers.

Loudest Mom said...

Go Brook! I love a girl who will defend herself when the need presents itself :)

Danielle said...

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