Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Athletics are Ready To PLAY BALL.....

The team's first game is tomorrow night (as long as the rain cooperates, and ceases to appear between 5:00 and 7:00 pm). The kids are well-trained, and *finally* know where they are supposed to run, after hitting the ball. I had so much fun being the first base parent (I won't use the term "coach" as I know next to nothing about coaching baseball). I had great conversations with each and every child, except my own. I was too busy telling him to "stop messing around, pay attention to your coach, and run fast to 2nd base- LOVE YOU". I can now tell you which child is secretly an 'evil genius', according to him, and which girl knows she is faster than any other boy on the team, and she just might be. There were plenty of tears, and several cries of "can I just go home and play my Xbox?". One boy finally just told his dad he was done, and walked to the parking lot....this was 30 minutes into practice. We'll see how the hour and 1/2 game goes.

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