Saturday, April 18, 2009

7 Hours of Driving and a Tough Loss....

The first game of the day....Emily's team played really well. They played through fog, mist, and then bright sunlight (all within an hour).

The boys always manage to entertain themselves at soccer games- sticks and all.


Delaney's soccer season is officially over for this season/year. I'm sure I'll have a profound update tomorrow, right now we're all just tired from a whole lot of driving, and exposure to that big yellow ball in the sky (which has made rare appearances up until now). The girls played really well, gave it their all, and lost by a goal. Such is life, or at least the game of soccer. The boys came home filthy dirty, coated in mud, and are soaking in a warm tub. Not together, as that spells disaster.

I better go towel them off, and start working on the bedtime process- I am hoping to be shortly behind them.

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