Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just me today....

I couldn't handle Delaney's lack of proper punctuation (please ignore the triple dots above ;)

Actually, all in all I think she had fun with that. Or at least had fun making fun of her sweet, always nice and loving, mother.

As of right now we will go back to the Audiologist in a week or so. They will continue to monitor her hearing to see if there is continued improvement (of further downward fluctuations). I would say, if I had to take a guess, that she has continued to improve. Her hearing appears to be back to where it was prior to the downward slide.

Our kids have LVAS or EVAS (Large/Englarged Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome) and are prone to fluctuations in their hearing. Typically if there is a downward fluctuation, and if it improves, it does not return to its previous level. For example, just prior to Emily's 3rd birthday she lost all of her hearing in both ears virtually overnight. We got her in to see our Audiologist who confirmed that she had lost it all. Before the fluctuatoin she had a mild to severe hearing loss.

Jake also lost his hearing in both ears (down to the profound level bilaterally) last Fall. We took him in to see the ENT/Audi right away, and they decided to try steroid treatment. Within two days his hearing was significantly improved. Not exactly where it was prior to the loss, but pretty close. Of course there is no evidence showing that steroid treatment works (or no "reason" it works), but considering we're two for two on recovering significant amounts of hearing w/ LVAS fluctuation I'm all for it. Hindsight is 20/20 but I wonder if we would have had any success way back when w/ Emily?

Well....I need to get the kids off to school. Emily has a field trip to visit Ft. Vancouver (of course it is pouring down rain, as usual of late).

I'll post some new pictures in a bit :) Not of my "white" hair....remind me to get Trey's vision checked.


leah said...

The steroid treatment is very interesting.. and it sounds like it works! Maybe they'll figure out why at some point, but at least Delaney got her "better ear" back with the treatment.

Every time Nolan has a hearing fluctuation (we've had ups and downs), our ENT reviews his CT scan, looking for LVAS again. He doesn't have LVAS, but he has hearing fluctuations that are reminiscent of it. He has gone from normal hearing in the high frequencies to moderately severe, to mild, and now to moderate in his better ear. The other ear has gone from mild to moderately severe and stayed there. His low frequencies have only dropped- from mild/moderate to moderately severe (40dB to 65dB). Go figure? I don't know of another cause for fluctuation in hearing levels, but Nolan does it.

Loudest Mom said...

Leah- Did they consider Connexin 26? I'm not sure if they have fluctuations with that, but I know my kids with their downward sloping losses were evaluated for that.

Anonymous said...