Thursday, January 7, 2010

Latest on the puppy front....

While Milo is still the cutest thing ever, he has developed a few bad habits....mainly tearing apart any pieces of paper on the ground, paper towels and toilet paper being the most prized possessions (I think due to their extreme shreddability), and using our house as his personal toilet. He has great days and terrible days. Today, is a not so good day. I've learned that the puppy is scared of wind. And rain. And loud noises. Any of these will distract him enough that he will just shut down and refuse to go to the bathroom outside. Luckily he's cute. Kind of like the kids when they were three/four- Cuteness was the only thing that saved them ;)


leah said...

Argh. Here's to Milo leaving the paper products alone, and learning that the wind won't hurt him! Puppies really are a lot like toddlers, lol!

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