Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So all four kids are now in college.....

o.k., it hasn't been *that* long, has it? We're here....just busy, as usual.
School is in full swing, and everyone is enjoying their teachers, etc. Soccer is also in full swing (but what else is new ;) We did have an interesting Saturday, w/ the highpoint being a visit from the Camas police department. We let the two older girls stay home while we went to Jake and Trey's game, and somehow Emily "accidently" dialed 911. Then, in a panic, the girls ran down the hill to a friends house (which meant they were not home to answer the return 911 call), which resulted in a personal visit. The police officer was quite nice about it, and Emily remained in tearful apology mode for the remainder of the day.

So see- nothing has really changed around here. Choas still reigns, I just need to be better about sharing. What I really wish is that I had had my camera available to capture the moment. Hopefully it will be Em's last upclose and personal encounter with a police officer!

Sneak preview of tomorrow's update: Jake's new true love (and his efforts to share his feelings through cookies :)

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leah said...

Oh, the poor girl! I remember accidentally dialing 911 when I was ten or so, because my aunt's business had a number like 555-9122. I hit the "1" twice and freaked out and hung up. They called back and I told them (in tears, because I was convinced they would come and arrest me) that I dialed a wrong number, lol!

Soccer sounds like its keeping you busy!!