Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm almost starts WEDNESDAY!!!

I'm excited, although I have to be honest....the Summer flew by. It seemed like it was just June.

I just got back from Back to School night, and I found out that Jake's teacher has a Masters in Deaf ed. I think this is going to be a good thing! he's really looking forward to having Jake in her class, and she already gets the FM system- YAY!!!

Em's teacher is normally the "Pre-AP" or advanced scholar teacher, so not real sure how Em wound up there ;), but hopefully she'll inspire Emily to reach new academic pinnacles.

Now, off to Delaney's BTS (Back to School). 7th grade....give me strength to survive-LOL.


leah said...

I still can't believe the summer is over (even if it is 40 degrees at night in our area).

Happy first day of school!

tammy said...

I can't believe summer's over either, but now I can actually get on the computer with them back in school. Oh, and good luck with 7th grade! Maybe it's different with girls, but I pray nightly that my oldest son's 8th grade year is much better than 7th ... then again, I think it's just all a part of the preteen stage. Good luck!